Online Pokies Strategies

Is it possible to beat the slots and win more playing pokies?

Dr Who tries to find the slot machine secrets

Dr Who tries to find the secret to beating the pokies Common sense suggests not, I mean if you know how pokies work then you realise there is no way to beat a computer algorithm that is compleltely random and independent…. but that being said, there is always a way to swing the odds in your favour somewhat.

Let’s explore some of those methods and see if we can’t show you how to win at slots – even if it is just that one time (at band camp)

Knowledge is Power

knowledge is powerWith great knowledge comes great power, and with that comes a great responsibility…oh wait, that was Spiderman. My bad moving on…

The key to winning any game of chance is knowledge. This is true of all casino style table games but because slot machines are completely random they seem to think this knowledge won’t apply here. I beg to differ and would like to share with you the strategy I personally employ to consistently win larger amounts whilst betting smaller increments with each spin. This does not necessarily guarantee me a win but it does guarantee I’ll spend less money, last much longer AND have a boatload more fun in the process.

Check out my 243 Reel Ways to Pokie Success and see for yourself how NOT full of horse wallop I am 😉


Find The Slot Machine Secrets.

slot machine secrets are hard to get

Slots are devious little bastards and they’ve got secrets they refuse to divulge. Find them and unlock the key to beat the slot machines and learn how to win at slots once and for all.

Many gamblers and slot lovers have tried in vain to uncover the secrets to the slot machines – although one pair did come close to unlocking the lot when they realised the secrets were actually inside the computer. Who’d have thought?!
*They are still as yet unable to uncover said slot machine secrets

slot machine secrets are inside the pokies

Take Advantage of No Deposit Casino Bonus

With so many of the top rated online casinos for Australians vying for our attention (and money) the incentives being offered to sign up are insanely good and can result in you enjoying in excess of $2000 and 150 Free Spins – not a bad start to your online pokies career. Check out our No Deposit Casino Bonuses to find the best one to suit your needs

Online Casino Competitions

Large amounts of casino money could be obtained when playing Pokies online as all club offer you comps and steadfast focuses dependent upon your gaming activity, however you will just win these comps and free money when you become a part of a separate gambling joints comp club, so verify you are before you begin to play those pokies machines.

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Choosing the Best Online Casino

Do not simply play pokies at any old online money joint there are a ton of dodgy operations out there, stick just to recommended casino sites that offer pokies from online consumer reviews sites. There are also websites dedicated to pokies games where you can find legit casinos together with reviews and information about the site. You may also conduct your own casino review and narrow down your choice of casino to at least three of the best.

Dynamic & Progressive Jackpots

Be sure to check out casinos jackpot prizes. There are small or less popular online casino sites that offer amazing jackpot prizes. Be sure to check out progressive jackpots, new member bonuses and offers as well as multipliers and money back offers from sites. New players are always welcome in all casinos which is why they try their best to offer dynamic bonuses and jackpot offers. Add to this the amazing amount of money you can win (in excess of $10millionUSD) thanks to the progressive slots networks – where games like The Dark Knight Progressive Slots and Mega Moolah provide awesome game play all while giving you a chance to become an instant millionaire.

mega moolah progressive jackpot

At last just ever play with cash that you can stand to lose, in the event that you have utilized all your gaming plan for the week then you should at least try one pokies machine. Remember that it is very easy to win at pokies games and it takes very little time and effort to do so.

These strategies will hopefully help you with your pokies adventure online. Be sure to regularly check out casino sites for the best games and the hottest pokies titles that you may play. Pokies is meant to be fun and entertaining so take your time and good luck!

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